RFID(short for Radio Frequency Identification)is a kind of communication technology that used by device(s)  to read and write data from/to special target(s) via radio frequency signal instead of establishing a physical contact between the device and the target(s).

Anti-fake & tracking solution

The anti-fake & tracing system establishes a database data for each product, and each product has a unique QR-code. After scanning the QR-code, you can query the manufacturer name, production location, production date, permitted sales area, superior wholesaler, lower retailer and other information of your items in the database. We have made further efforts to prevent the label from being copied, that’s to use encrypted dynamic code in our labels which can only be decoded and queried in our system.

RFID label & reading and writing device

During the reading/writing proccess, the RF label(s) play the role of the answer, meanwhile, the device usually play the role of the scanner or writing device. A contactless spatial-coupling (namely, a RF-signal connection) between the device and label(s) can be established with help of the coupling elements inside them. During the connection, data is exchanged/transferred between the device and label(s) in line with timing relationships.


All of our products are focused on ordinary labels and RF labels(RFID labels and NFC labels included), here is a brief of our products:

upstream:automation equipment for smart label production

midstream:production and design technology of ordinary/RF label

downstream:devices for reading and writing RF labels

Example for producting device: Mark Andy flexo printing machine

This is a high-performance eight color printing machine, working with environment-friendly ink. Its high quality and powerful printing abilities make it undoubtedly to fulfill all the special requirements of customers.

Example for smart label:RFID jewellery label

With the help of jewelry labels, the production and sales personnel can track and record all aspects of the jewelry products’ in and out and sales process; consumers can query the source of products, sales channels, etc., and valuable items’ anti-fake information can also be queried; suppliers and distributors can manage the product grade, warehouse, goods area, shelf and other information.

Example for RFID reader: handheld RFID reader

As a flexible and easy-to-use industrial level hand-held data acquisition terminal, R9072 has outstanding features of long-distance UHF and high-frequency dual reading and writing, wide area wireless communication and large capacity storage capacity, high industrial level and high cost performance. It supports Android or Windows CE operating system, and can run various powerful applications on the mentioned systems.

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